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Alice Zaslavsky has made a career out of crafting connections through food, as teacher, writer, television host-producer and live presenter.

Before making her on-screen debut on MasterChef Australia in 2012, Alice was the youngest dep. head of department at an elite Melbourne school, going on the program to drum up interest in a 'Food & Culture' elective. She has since made the living-room her classroom, hosting kids' food and lifestyle programs Crunch Time and Kitchen Whiz on Nine’s Go! Channel and Short Cuts to Glory (for slightly bigger kids) on ABC, where she’s also the resident Culinary Correspondent on ABC News Breakfast.

On the airwaves, Alice co-hosts a regular VEG SEG on ABC Radio Drive, where listeners call in to share their favourite recipes and anecdotes about seasonal vegetables, and is a regular contributor to ABC Radio National. As Food Editor for The Weekly Review, her Feed was a weekly fixture in 630,000 homes across Melbourne. Her best-selling kids' book, Alice's Food A-Z was the first cookbook to be given a Notable gong by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, and her next, for Millennials is due out in November, 2020.

Alice has put all of her experience and talents to full use in founding Edible Adventures Productions, putting critical food literacy back on the agenda in schools. Her team's pilot project, Phenomenom, a free digital food literacy program for primary schools funded by industry and government, helps redirect the conversation around kids and vegetables, through clever content and creative execution. Whilst Nomcast, the complementary podcast for families, is quickly becoming a weekly staple on the school commute.

When not writing about herself in third person, Alice is most at home tapping out thoughts and sharing audaciously accessible recipes across the Social Media Sphere as @aliceinframes.

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