1. 11. Foodie Tuesday: on Salads

    with Raf Epstein & Hetty McKinnon on 774 Melbourne Drive, 6 Sept 2016

  2. 12. In Conversation: Claude Forrell, John Lethlean & Alice Zaslavsky

    Words in Winter, Daylesford, Aug 2016

  3. 13. Crunch Time Kitchen

    Ambience Entertainment, Channel Go! 2016

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  4. 14. Foodie Tuesday: On Stock

    774 ABC Melbourne, Drive with Rafael Epstein, 12 Jul 2016

  5. 15. delicious destinations

    Imagine a former Vue De Monde chef, crossed with a six-foot bushranger called “Captain Ironbark”, and you’re on your way to discovering Australia’s answer to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: Paul West.

    Feature article for print in The Weekly Review, July 2016

  6. 16. How to ‘gram like a boss

    Capturing luscious images of bountiful banquets is nothing new – whaddayathink all those Renaissance still-life paintings were about?

    Grape-laden Roman sculpture, Ancient Egyptian minimalist hieroglyphic flat-lays… I’m pretty sure even cavemen were trying to paint #paleo bison burgers onto their walls but just couldn’t quite get the perspective right.

    Feature article for print in The Weekly Review, Jun 2016

  7. 17. Alice in Frames explores the Yarra Valley

    There’s something very nostalgic about road trips; the familiar sway of the road, whirring wheels, trees and hills rushing by.

    Feature Article for The Weekly Review, Jun 2016

  8. 18. Alice in Frames on Kids’ WB

    Kids WB, Channel GO! 12 Jun 2016

  9. 19. Tasting Australia Diary

    Tourism South Australia x Food Wine Dine, May 2016

  10. 20. Foodie Tuesday: What’s your go to winter soup?

    774 ABC Melbourne, Drive with Rafael Epstein, 8 Jun 2016

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