I’ve been noticing a lot more “Smoothie Bananas” on the shelves at the market lately (AKA over-ripe bananas).

    You know the ones? Spotty, squashy, more brown than yellow.
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  2. 12. Baked Brie with Figs & Honey

    If Saturday is your regular Prahran Market shopping day and subscribing to things like market newsletters isn’t your jam (it should be, you’ll like it) then you’d be forgiven for making the assumption that this weekend was the beginning of the zombie apocalypse- and that everyone had decided to stock up on the necessities (cheese) on the very same day.
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  3. 13. MYO Anzac Biscuit Ice-cream Sandwich

    This is an excellent way of using up stale muesli, excess biscuits or a big tub of ice-cream. It would make for a great kids’ birthday party activity, especially if you got the kids making biscuits, scooping ice-cream and drizzling dark chocolate over the top. 
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  4. 14. jam-filled “chonuts”

    These were the perfect way of showcasing the award-winning jams and preserves in the Winning Tastes Pavillion at the Royal Melbourne Show. They’re much easier to make than you think… Give them a go!
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    Now, a warning: this cake is DENSE – more like a rye bread than a fluffy sponge.
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  6. 16. STOCKING UP

    Even though August should technically herald the final gasps of winter, Melbourne’s weather will probably still continue to show its occasional feral side all the way into the middle of Spring. That’s why now’s as good a time as any to talk about taking your soups and wintery braises to the next level. How? Making stock!

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  7. 17. A taste of summer

    A good summer barbecue means that you can entertain guests whilst still delivering a bloody good feed. Most of the prep can be done in advance, which means all you have to do is whack it all on the barbie and watch it char up a treat. 

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  8. 18. Shiitake Broth with Sugar-Snap Peas

    Dried shiitake behaves like black tea – infusing your broth with rich umami flavour with minimum fuss.

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  9. 19. Coconut & Black Sesame Sago Pudding

    Bring a big bowl of this along to your next summer barbecue for instant pan-asian kudos

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  10. 20. CHERRIES IN 5, 10 OR 15 minutes

    Nothing screams the festive season like a big bowl of glossy cherries on the kitchen bench.

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