my sunday style


Director’s Cut:
Sunday mornings begin with an early trip to Bunnings – usually to return/exchange spontaneous purchases from the previous weekend. Like most newlyweds with a mortgage, we find ourselves tweaking our teenie tiny flat every chance we get, in an effort to make it more conducive to bouts of relaxation.
A morning stretch session at Welwood, my husband Nick’s new clinic follows. He stretches properly while I sit in pseudo-pigeon for 45 minutes trying to decide on an Instagram filter.
Almond chai and buckwheat pancakes at our favourite café, Monk Bodhi Dharma. We tell ourselves we’re going to try somewhere new, but somehow manage to find ourselves queuing up with the rest of Carlisle St. most Sundays.
Sunday shopping at the Market is always slightly calmer than trying to brave the throngs on a Saturday. We like to take our time and chat to the traders about the week’s occurrences. Prahran has some real characters, so there’s never a dull moment.
I try to get down to the dog beach most days – Sundays aren’t my favourite, because Weekend Walkers. My 15 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback Leopold Tolstoy wanders around, weeing on bushes and spooking owners of White-Fluffies with his general existence.
Before the furbaby, we used to spend Sunday afternoons preparing snacks and lunches for the week. We still do that, but now those snacks and lunches are for Leo. He’s on a #cleaneating regimen of raw meat from Gary’s, combined with whizzed up root veg in the Thermomix and seared offal (he turns his nose up if I try to skip the sear)
Friends for dinner! We’re usually behind the 8-ball with prep, so there’re a lot of “bar snack” shortcuts while we try to catch up (olives, tapas, anything to be picked at with fingers). Finally, at like 8:30, the roast chicken is ready, as are the steamed vegies in the combi-steam oven (yep, I got a little extravagant during kitchen renoes).
Finally time to sit down and relax on the couch while Nick does the dishes. I flick through the bag from Bunnings and set aside a few things to exchange next weekend. Law & Order: SVU is on TV, which fills me with glee. I’m asleep 5 minutes in.

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