Hi! I’m Alice.  
And I love making food fun

I like to think of life as an Edible Adventure…

Since leaving my School Teacher days behind to become a Life Teacher (punctuated by a brief turn on MasterChef Australia ), I’ve had the opportunity to take my meals and musings to an international audience, through writing articlesa book, presenting on TV and at live gigs, as well as being generally funny on the interwebz as @aliceinframes.

To me, cooking and eating together means sharing knowledge and telling tales; connecting across a kitchen bench, a festival stage or a dining room table. It helps in transferring ideas and passions on to the next generation; It means cultivating curiosity.

Food is, ultimately, my way of saying ‘Hi, let’s be friends!’

Some people think I’m a little nuts. And it’s true, I guess. I am a little nuts — about a lot of things.
Like reading books and learning new things and playing with words and laughing often; and, above all, about living life with gusto.

I’m also pretty nuts about food, believe it or not.

Which, I suppose, is probably why you’re here. But a meal isn’t simply a meal, you see; it’s just the beginning.
It’s my firm belief that being passionate and interested and slightly obsessed is the secret to living a joyful, fulfilled and interesting life.

Which is why I want everyone else to be a little nuts, too.


Current projects.

01. Alice's Food A-Z

02. Edible Adventures

03. Kitchen Whiz


  1. 01. Alice's Food A-Z

    "...Think Andy Griffiths meets Heston Blumenthal..." - Books + Publishing Magazine

    It's taken almost three years from GO to WOAH!, but I feel extremely proud of the resulting tome - a fun food reference book for kids, published through Walker Books.

    List of Stockists

  2. 02. Edible Adventures

    As face of Prahran Market and official 'Adventurer-in-Residence', I get to share all of my favourite foodie finds with fellow market fans and newbies alike through weekly posts and monthly #chefchallenges with some of Melbourne's top chefs.

    Check out this week's adventure


  3. 03. Kitchen Whiz

    Hosting Kitchen Whiz is an absolute hoot! It's the perfect blend of two of my favourite things in life – food and learning.

    Tune in every Weekday Morning at 7:30AM on Channel Go! for more fun, food & fluoro than you ever thought possible -

    Click here for full episodes of K-Dub


  4. 04. FOOD-ED

    FOOD-ED has come about through my own experiences as a teacher - there could never be enough quality resources.
    My aim is to create a user-friendly hub for educators, offering an opportunity to share and search interdisciplinary food education resources in a collaborative and accessible way.

    Sign up for updates and/or get involved here

    logo food ed

Press Here.

01. A World of Food and Culture: Recipes from the A Taste of Harmony chefs

02. Macedon Masterchef Challenge @ Piper Street Food Co

03. cookbooks for foodies

04. Date and Nut Amazeballs

05. Win a Thermomix!

06. Alice’s Edible Adventures at The Blackman

  1. 01. A World of Food and Culture: Recipes from the A Taste of Harmony chefs


    Share Cultural Inclusion, Scanlon Foundation, 2015 Full E-Book Here

    Read more →

  2. 02. Macedon Masterchef Challenge @ Piper Street Food Co


    ShareMacedon Ranges, August 2015  

    Read more →

  3. 03. cookbooks for foodies


    Share The Australian (cover story), John Lethlean, 1 Aug 2015 Full Story Here

    Read more →

  4. 04. Date and Nut Amazeballs


    ShareThermomix Australia, 16 Jul 2015 Competition Details Here

    Read more →

  5. 05. Win a Thermomix!


    ShareThermomix in Australia, 8 Jul 2015 Enter the Competition Here

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  6. 06. Alice’s Edible Adventures at The Blackman


    ShareArt Series Hotel Group, 7 Jul 2015

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  1. 01. Stockists of Alice’s Food A-Z

    Here’s where you can get your mitts on ‘Alice’s Food A-Z’

    Read more →

  2. 02. the revolution starts where?

    Most of my Sunday afternoon was spent bouncing off the walls, smiling widely and breathing rapidly with anticipation.
    This was it. This was what I was waiting for.

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  1. 01. MYO Anzac Biscuit Ice-cream Sandwich

    This is an excellent way of using up stale muesli, excess biscuits or a big tub of ice-cream. It would make for a great kids’ birthday party activity, especially if you got the kids making biscuits, scooping ice-cream and drizzling dark chocolate over the top. 
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  2. 02. jam-filled “chonuts”

    These were the perfect way of showcasing the award-winning jams and preserves in the Winning Tastes Pavillion at the Royal Melbourne Show. They’re much easier to make than you think… Give them a go!
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